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Dental İmplant

Dental İmplant

Guided flapless and stitch-free implant treatment

Implant tooth treatment is an artificial root that is prepared from titanium or zirconium and replaces missing or lost teeth. Stitch-free implant treatment is done with the placement of the tooth in the alveolus immediately after the extraction of the tooth without an infection. Treatment done without severing the gum or placing stitches is called flapless implant treatment. The recovery process is faster and less inconvenient because the soft tissue has not been damaged.

A 3D panoramic x-ray is taken of the patient before the Stitch-less and Flap-less implant treatment. In light of the x-ray, the dimensions, angles, and locations of the patient’s implant are specified. The entire treatment plan is adjusted with computer support. The most beautiful and advantageous aspect of the applied treatment is that the tooth can be designed and functional.

What is implant treatment with the Fast & Fixed Technique?

Fixed prosthesis can be done without needing treatment that requires advanced surgery because the implant that will be placed in the inadequate bone with the Fast & Fixed Technique is angled. It is possible to extract the necessary teeth of the patient and immediately perform the procedure to administer this technique and to attach fixed prosthesis that same day by doing implants in patient without stitches.

Are implants done for every missing tooth?

It can be administered in situations deemed necessary after the dentist performs the radiographic checkup. If the bone is sufficient, a bridge prosthesis can be done by administering an implant to replace each missing tooth, based on the dentist’s preference.

If there is not adequate bone in the instance of an implant, what can be done?

Checking the height, width, and density of the bone for the region into which an implant will be placed is a very important factor for the success of the treatment. If there is not adequate bone in the person, bone is created with a bone-graft technique. A sinus lift and block grafting is done in the upper back region. In the lower jaw, horizontal and vertical bone-creation procedures are performed, and implant treatment can be realized by ensuring an adequate ratio of bone.

Are Implants Done for People Who Use Dentures?

If bone density is at an adequate level or by ensuring adequacy with a sinus lift, implants can be administered for people who use palatal dentures. 

Implants may be an essential treatment for people who use removable dentures and who cannot stand firm because of chewing motions in the mandible, tongue, lip, and cheek for people without any teeth.

Patients are saved completely from problems like nausea originating from the upper total prosthesis design.

 In which situations are implant applications risky?

Implant treatment is not administered:

  • In people with diabetes or cardiovascular disease,
  • In young patients whose bones are not done growing,
  • In pregnant patients,
  • In patients addicted to alcohol or drugs,
  • In patients with high blood pressure, who are hemophiliacs, or who have chronic or inadequate immune systems,
  • In patients who excessively use cigarettes,
  • In patients who use corticosteroid suppressor medications.

 Implant treatment can be administered in all individuals whose bones are finished growing, who have no chronic diseases, and who have adequate bone quality.

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