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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Design includes a group of studies for the desired aesthetic appearance in the mouth area. In order to smile aesthetically, the mouth structure must have optimum conditions and the teeth must be in the correct alignment.

Smile Design treatments are applied with the support of modern technologies apart from traditional examination methods. Smile design is made with devices that allow 3D models to be produced in dentistry clinics. In our clinic, we do it with all our new technology devices.

Each application to be made in these treatment methods is presented with personalized solutions according to the patient. You can also contact us for the solutions you want in the field of aesthetic smile design and request detailed information about the treatments.

Multiple treatments for smile design are applied in a compact way. The types of these applications may vary and differ according to the patient’s oral characteristics. Some methods applied worldwide by following the latest technology;

Laminate Veneers
Tooth filing
Teeth whitening
Zirconium veneers and bridges
Pink aesthetic treatments
Digital smile design

Includes applications such as

When you request treatment, one of the above-mentioned methods or, if necessary, one of the alternative treatments can be applied depending on the results of your personal examination. In this process, the healthy decision is recommended by your doctor.